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  The author of this page , Bogdan Manolea, finished Law School " Nicolae Titulescu " from Craiova, Romania in the year 2000. I followed several online courses with Intenet&Law topic, which opened my "appetite " for this subject, and at the end of January 2001 I created this site with the main purpose to promote the Romanian IT law and to provide a page in Romanian about this interesting law field. I worked for 3 years at INTERNEWS in the RITI dot-Gov project - Romanian Information Technology Initiative and now I am collaborating with the Association for Technology and Internet - APTI  

I am interested  especially in Information Technology Law, but also by any subject that involves law, Internet and civic attitude. 

    For any suggestion, information or question regarding this site please write an e-mail at the address contact@legi-internet.ro 




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