Unofficial translation

Law on the prevention and fighting of pornography 

No 196/2003 

- aspects regarding Internet- 

Art. 8. - (1) The natural and legal persons creating pornographic sites
are obliged to password them, and the access to these will be allowed only after paying a fee per using minute, established by the creator of the site and declared at the fiscal bodies.
(2) The natural and legal persons creating or administering sites have to clearly emphasize the number of accesses to the respective sites in order to be subjected to the fiscal obligations provided by the law
(3) The activities mentioned in this article are authorised by a commission of the Ministry of Culture and Cults, with representatives from the Ministry of Domestic Affairs and Information Technology and Communications Ministry..
(4) The creation and administration of pedophilic, zoophilic or necrophilic sites are forbidden.

Art. 15. - (1) The National Regulatory Authority on Communications ( ANRC) can receive claims regarding the non-compliance to the provisions of art. 8.
(2) In case of receiving such claims and after checking the contents of the site, ANRC requires the Internet service providers to block the access to the respective site.
(3) The non-compliance of the Internet service providers to the obligation of blocking the access to the sites that do not observe the provisions of art. 8, within 48 hours from the receipt of the request mentioned at paragraph (2) from ANRC, is an infringement and is penalised with a fine from 100.000.000 lei
to 500.000.000 lei.
Art. 19. - Within 30 days from publishing this law in the Official Journal of Romania
the Ministry of Culture and Cults, the Ministry of Education and Research, the Ministry of Domestic Affairs and MCTI will elaborate the application norms for this law, that will be approved by a Government decision, giving in detail the procedure to obtain the necessary approvals for the operation of the restaurants, for the creation of Internet sites, as well as the structure and operation of the commissions provided by this law.